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I have a domain I no longer want. How can I delete it? 


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  • Jim Guyton

    Um, no!   Please don't just let everything just sit unchanged until it expires.

    I'd strongly suggest being sure your DNS address records are deleted somehow and no longer point to the IP address(es) you were using.  Set the address to or set the nameservers to something that doesn't work for your abandoned domain name.

    Why?  Because you (usually) don't own those IP addresses anymore and your old hosting company will re-issue your old IP address to someone else.

    And if you just leave your abandoned DNS entries pointing to your old IP address, then your old clients can potentially connect to a completely different host while still believing they are still connecting to you.  And btw -- your old "clients" can include Google or Bing or other search engines.

    If the new site is properly configured (and compares the hostname in the HTTP request to their own hostname), then this won't be too much of a problem.  

    BUT -- if the new site is not carefully configured, it can offer up its own content in their response to a request for

    HTTPS helps some with this problem, but in the meantime you don't want HTTP requests to your old domain to go to someone else's site.

    And you really don't want Google to continue to index the new site and save it under your old domain name.


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